Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tapak Padri Beach

Late afternoon at Tapak Padri beach

       Tapak Padri beach is located near the fort Marlborough (Jalan Benteng, Bengkulu) and is easy to reach by angkot (public city transport). It is a nice place to wind down a few hours to talk to the locals and to watch the sun set. Sometimes it is possible to surf here at high tight. The swimming here is not too bad, but if you are just after a swim Jakat beach, 1.5 km north of the fort Marlborough is a better beach and has more facilities. Also, don’t miss another pleasure, kelapa muda (young coconut), the fresh juice drunk straight from a young coconut, bought at roadside around the beach. Drink the coconut water and then scoop out the flesh. If you enjoy the taste of young coconut water and can tolerate large amounts, it could help keep you hydrated. 

Tapak Padri beach is crowded with young locals and street vendors on weekends and public holidays. Local surf community members could be found here at 4 to 6 P.M. From here you can get to most tourist attractions on foot. See the location of Tapak Padri beach on Google Maps. 

More Photos

Another sunset with the locals at Tapak Paderi beach

Crowded with young locals on weekends

Tapak Paderi at sunset

Photos by Adriansyah Putera

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