Monday, September 16, 2013

Lake Dendam Tak Sudah

Lake Dendam Tak Sudah - Bengkulu
Last updated: February 2nd 2017

This small lake is located within the Dendam Tak Sudah nature preserve around 8 km (5 miles) of the Bengkulu city center. Dendam Tak Sudah nature preserve covers an area of 5.8 sq km, at an altitude of 15 m. The lake is surrounded by views of both Bukit Barisan mountains and countryside. It is home for rare water orchid called “Vanda Hookeriana” which also known as pencil orchid, and other unique floras. When those plants are blooming, the lakesides would be more awesome views.
Refreshing & nutritious young coconut 

It is a good place to relax, the air is pleasantly cool. It is possible to ask a local fisherman for boating the surroundings of the lake. Also, don’t miss another pleasure, get some jagung bakar (roasted corn) and kelapa muda (young coconut), the fresh juice drunk straight from a young coconut, bought at roadside around the beach. Drink the water and then scoop out the flesh. So far, the lake has not been Bengkulu’s main attraction for foreign travelers.

Getting there
To get to the lake take a yellow, green or red angkot (public city transport) to Terminal Panorama for Rp. 4,000 (about US$ 0.30) then red one C3 to the lake Dendam. You should tell the driver where you’re going before get on. And you should have exact change for the fare (Rp. 4,000) regardless of the distance and anything the drivers may tell you.

Location: Jalan Danau, Dusun Besar, Bengkulu. Click here to find the location on Google Maps!
Cons: not enough parking space and inconvenient for independent travelers.

A good place to relax