Saturday, June 1, 2013

Natural Beauty of Bukit Daun

Bukit Daun at sunset
Last updated: January 21st 2017

Seeing Rafflesia arnoldii
       Another area of awesome natural beauty in Bengkulu province, Bukit Daun is a nature conservation surrounded by mountains on all sides and rich with traditional Rejang culture. It is home to endangered species such as, honey bear, Rafflesia arnoldii, the world’s largest flower, and Amorphophallus titanium (locally known as bunga Kibut), the world’s tallest flower. Many kinds of orchid could be found here, too. It is at 800-900 m above sea level, the best way to explore the village is on foot. The air is cool and clean, and the locals are hospitable.

Besides natural beauty, Bukit Daun also offers some great do-it-yourself trekking opportunities where you can explore the fresh and clean outdoors and meet hospitable locals, and stunning sunrises. There is a small Japanese WWII bunker which is constructed of rebar-enforced cement and stone in Bukit Daun. You could also day-trip here for some hiking through forests/coffee plantations and a local lunch. There aren’t any real restaurants in Bukit Daun and most visitors end up having meals and drinks in warung (simple food stall). Basic supplies are available in local shops.

Getting there:
Bukit Daun nature conservation is about 48 km (30 miles) from the city of Bengkulu and can be reached on day trips from Bengkulu, Curup or Kepahiang. Simply take a public transport (Rp. 10,000) to Tebat Monok from Terminal Nakau in Bengkulu or rent a Kijang. 

More photos

The bloom of Rafflesia arnoldii in Bukit Daun nature conservation

Fun hiking through Bukit Daun forest
Japanese WWII bunker
Foggy scenery of Bukit Daun

Photos by Adriansyah Putera and Shirley Utama Adriansyah


  1. I prefer to get away from the crowds and it seems like a great place to visit.